Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adobe CS3 Installer

If you get this error with the Adobe CS3 installer, here's the fixe:
Please insert Adobe CS3 Master Collection D1 into drive to continue installation.
Start regedit, and use the search function to look for "CS3\Adobe CS3\payloads\." Every time you find it, replace it what comes before it (d:\) with the new drive.


Rukhiya said...

i am stuck with this error..can you please specify what exactly i shld replace.whether i shld replace after getitng this error?

peanut said...


I think CS3 suite installation has a registry key to remenber the last used instllation folder (The one containing your setup.exe), so find this keys to retrieve your old path instalaltion and copy the instller to this path
In my case i found the value in the key "LastUsedSource", jus do a quick search

peanut said...
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